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Machine polishing


As paint enhancement specialists, we can take your dull, lifeless, swirly paint back to its former glory making it look as good, if not better than new.


The process involves us taking measurements of your paints thickness so we can accurately and safely enhance your paints finish, using highly skilled machine polishing techniques to remove the light scratching and swirls in your cars paint. These are caused by poor washing methods, road salt and dirt, weathering and general wear.


We can give you back your glossy, deep and lustrous paint, improving your vehicles desirability and maintaining its value.


Contact us today to discuss your vehicles needs so we can make a bespoke package for you.



Wax, Polish and Sealants


We offer a range of products to protect your paint suitable to compliment any of our valeting packages or paint enhancements and keep your paint protected from the elements for months to come, these will not offer the same levels of protection that a ceramic coating does and would require re application or topping up in the future the time scales would vary depending on which product and application you select but we are more than happy to run through the options and advise accordingly on expected lifespan of the protection level.


Carnauba wax has been in the industry for many years now, it will protect any car from the daily driver up to the million pound super car, whilst offering great short term results.

Carnauba wax will help protect your vehicle from fallout and UV rays all year round, whilst also protecting your finish, the natural ingredients will add water repellency and give a high gloss finish.


Paint Sealants simply do just that- they seal the paint from the harsh environment. Where wax is a natural substance, sealants are synthetic waxes that are formulated for long lasting and protective qualities. They contain polymers or acrylic compounds that are tough to beat and give exceptional gloss.